With no set band, product or style, Mazula is simply the musical journey of Vusa and Zoe Mazula. After getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit in our car, we are now adapting to life on the road, going where the music takes us and capturing live music collaborations with a variety of artistes across many different countries, forming an ever-changing musical tapestry.

We start our journey in Cape Town South Africa and onward…

Be part of the journey and experience how our musical writings take on a whole new sound across countries and cultures. Connecting people through the language of love and seeing how sound is created as we go. The musical wondering’s of the wanderers.

We sustain our journey through human relationships, live performances, the Talent Exchange (https://www.ctte.org.za/) and with fine people buying our music or pledging to our Mission Dreams.

Thank YOU to all who keep Mazula on the move & dreaming BIG.


Our Music

Our music could be described as Afro-Funky-Gos-blues. We collaborate with accomplished musicians, causing our gigging line up to change constantly. Great musicians with little rehearsal time, checking in live with each other and tuning into the music to create improvised magic. Some moments work amazingly well, some can be sketchy but all is part of the process to excellence. We record live moments with little production to capture the raw sound. Recording, writing and releasing as much as possible. If you would like to record us or collaborate musically on our tracks, get in touch.

SONG: Dear Diary –  ALBUM: Journey’s Gift 
WRITTEN BY:  Vusa & Zoe Mazula
SONG:  Devil Blues  –  ALBUM:  Journey’s Gift 
WRITTEN BY: Vusa & Zoe Mazula
SONG: Windows & Walls  –  ALBUM: Journey’s Gift 
WRITTEN BY: Vusa & Zoe Mazula
SONG: Home From Home  –  ALBUM: Journey’s Gift 
WRITTEN BY: Vusa & Zoe Mazula
SONG: Follow Your Heart  –  ALBUM: Journey’s Gift
WRITTEN BY: Vusa & Zoe Mazula
SONG: You Turn Me Onto You  –  ALBUM: Journey’s Gift
WRITTEN BY: Vusa & Zoe Mazula
SONG: Nomeva  –  ALBUM: Journey’s Gift
WRITTEN BY: Traditional Song
SONG: Jikele-Maweni  – ALBUM: Journey’s Gift
WRITTEN BY: Traditional Song


We love to perform, we love to write, we love to travel, we love to collaborate, we love what we do. That’s not to say the road of a traveling gypsy family is all lovely, lots of ups and downs, highs and lows but most of all laughter.

We have been involved with music in so many different parts of the industry from touring with bands, owning live music venues and running big concerts and now as of 2018, we ONLY write and perform. Happy Days!

Trusting our instincts and meeting some fantastic people along the way,  we currently travel with very little. Our aim in the near future is to build our equipment and house it in a traveling overland stage truck, taking our music to collaborate with communities off the beaten tracks, recording with hidden talents and learning all the way.

Life on Tour – Dates

We are constantly on tour, going where the music takes us. Help to spread our music by sharing or posting our events, promoting our music to new ears each and every place we go. Each location we travel to, we wish to connect with communities and to do that we need the contention of community. Thank you for your value and marketing contributions, keeping our original music independent.

For up to date info;



The Sinkshack; Bronkhorstspruit; Gauteng; 6.30pm-10.00pm   https://www.facebook.com/events/2356298411363450/


Bohobo; dullstroom; Gauteng; 8pm-10pm  https://www.facebook.com/events/329839601051732/         


The Jarr Bar; Pretoria; Gauteng; 8pm -10pm  https://www.facebook.com/events/1259008330945517/                                                                                            


The Scarlet Room; Bloemfontein; Free State; 8pm-10pm   https://www.facebook.com/events/315955329029298/      


Avanti,Woodland Hills; Bloemfontein; Free State; 6pm-8pm  https://www.facebook.com/events/2322588024647829/