Mazula Blog 1: A Brief History, with a touch of Herstory.

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It’s very difficult to know where to begin when starting a blog that actually should have been started years ago. We have talked and procrastinated and procrastinated and talked until it is actually getting slightly ridiculous. Oh where to begin????

I think a brief history of how we came to be in South Africa is as good a starting point as any so here goes; We initially came to South Africa in 1997 as new star-crossed lovers, on our way to Zimbabwe to visit parents. We were told that Jo’burg was pretty much as unsafe as one could get as far as metropoles go, what with ravenous lions on the prowl feeling right at home next to the hardened criminal, some people pass on crazy-ass perceptions. As it turns out we ended up staying there for 4 weeks having a ball. We eventually made it to Zim and parents were duly visited, but the point is that South Africa had sucked us in. A good few people mused that if we enjoyed the vast metropolis that is Johannesburg, then we would love Cape Town. Unfortunately due to circumstances involving lack of cash and I guess the fear of taking a leap (lessons well learned since), we departed back in December to a grey, cold and miserable London but the bug for wanting the mountains stayed.

Fast forward to 2004 and Zoe had her heart set on getting married in Cape Town, a stunningly pretty city, even though we had never set foot in the place, so that is what happened. On March 3rd 2004, in front of 64 friends and family ,most of whom had traveled from England, Zoe became Zoe Mazula and the beginnings of our Cape Town adventure were seeded.

Prior to our wedding, we had been sat in the courtyard of a legendary Cape Town club called ‘The Lounge’ discussing how amazing it would be to own the keys to such an establishment and what we could do if we owed it, blah, blah, blah and so on. Well within a year we owned the keys to said legendary club and immediately set about turning it into a Live music venue which we called Zula Sound Bar (our surname being Mazula, became the inspiration from a friends suggestion, it turned out well) and for 9 years ran a venue for original music from established and upcoming artists.

We were never really meant to be bar/venue owners though and the universe has a funny way of pushing you gently in the direction of the road you truly wish to walk and whether or not you step on that road is entirely a personal choice. For years we had talked about getting a touring expedition Camper to take our music around Africa and the world. A set of circumstances which at the time seemed awful, led to that choice being thrust on us. Those ‘awful’ circumstances were, I guess, in fact the prod that we needed to actually start living the lives we wanted. However we did not have the vehicle we wanted. These are the times that those choices kick in. After Zula we successfully ran big outdoor concerts at The Cape Farmhouse, Farmhouse Rocks. So for 3 seasons we brought in some of the best bands in the country to the deep south of Cape Town. Although it was great, we yearned to be on the road, travelling and spreading our music. We have a small 9 year old boy who has always been home-schooled and it’s the perfect time to mix travel into his life.You can talk about stuff forever and it remains as dreams or you can just act, so we just acted. We sold most of our worldly possessions and what we could not sell, we put in the back of our 160i Astra estate and took to the road to spread music and love.

Blog 2 : Good Times, Zim & Flatbed Trucks,  is the story of our journey since then…….

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